STONE and LIGHT, sacred space

Object: Chapel “Vaznesenie Hristovo” , Raikovski livadi (Pamporovo)

Author of the project:   arch.Iva Delova, prof.Emil Popov- sculptor, Dimo, Kiril, Rasho, Tianko and other Hristo’s friends

Phase: conceptual and technical phase, realisation

Client: Hristo Hristov’s family

Year: 2006 – 2011

Very special and difficult task: a chapel  in memory of Hristo Hristov – an alpinist, skupltor, wonderful and strong person, who climbed Everest 2004 and stayed up there forever …
His teacher Emil Popov and  friends-sculptors have great participation in the concept and the implementation of this sacred space.

We wanted to create a jewel, sculpture in the beautiful Rhodope Mountains -  stone and light, as was Christo.

“What’s important is not the peak, but the path to it “

Hristo Hristov


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