In 2010 the Association “Green School Village” was funded under the EEA for establishing the study of the Bulgarian civil legislation and creating a concept for the legalization of natural materials in Bulgaria. Within this project was given greater attention to building with straw bales, in addition to the study of international experience had made ​​real steps for a Bulgarian Technical Approval (BTA) for construction of straw to the Association. Within the development of this concept were conducted following laboratory tests:

– Bulk density at different moisture (current state, after drying naturally, in air-dry environment) (ρ kg/mᶾ);

- Hygroscopicity;

- Kinetics of drying in air-dry environment, determining the equilibrium moisture;

- Dimensional stability under various temperature-humidity regimes;

- Behavior under load of pressure;

- Determination of thermal conductivity (λ W/ (m.K));

- Calculation of vapor permeability µ;

- Development of mold fungi and others microorganisms;

- Strategy to limit their formation and growth;

- Durability (cohesion) of the outer coating: adhesion between layers (C kPa);

- Determining the structure and grainy composition of soil (clay) recommended for use for different layers of plaster;

- Behavior under cyclic wetting drying behavior under cyclic freeze – defreeze, capillary water absorbency and others;

- Calculation of the coefficient of thermal conductivity;

- Evaluation of its insulation capability of airborne noise (R);

In the development of activities related to sustainable building, many specialists and experst are involved, besides Green School Village members. The circle of experts includes academics (lecturers), architects, microbiologists from the Ministry of Helath Care (Department of Health) and NGO members (employees). Thus a non formal group – Association for Natural Building was established which aims to develop theoretical and practical activities in the field of bioclimate designing, building with natural materials, in particular building with straw bales. This group is gathering members from different NGOs, national authorities and academies with active development of this priority topic: Green School Village, Bulgarian section of International Solar Energy Society (BgISES), Bulgarian Academy of Science.


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