After endless discussions, wonderings, throes of creation and the feeling that there is no end, the first copy of M/A magazine came out at the 2nd of March. It was tons of work, yet it’s the first edition, besides we did some things that are for other specialists. The important thing is that we did it with a desire for a change and brightness of the perceptions. We lay the beginning of an open forum for the urban environment through this magazine and we hope all of you that have an opinion on the topic to take part with articles, ideas, comments and others.

Architecture is everywhere. It surrounds us and forms, it is realized by us- humans.
The architect is faced with the challenge to solve so important problems  to society and at the same time can not count on his support.

M/A is a magazine for the better world, in which are expressed diverse positions in the architectural sphere and other arts.
Basic goal of the magazine is not a fundamental change of the surrounding environment, but mostly a change in thinking and the way people understand architecture. A main force in the process are the specialists with innovative thinking, but it’s not directed to a limited circle of people. On the contrary, it explains the processes and what happens in architecture in an accessible way, since architecture is a complex sience, which concerns all fields of human activity.


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