Project: Youth exchange – international partnership, through exchange of experience and practical techniques in the sphere of building with natural materials: straw and clay, Izvor village
Author of the project: Association for building with ntural materials, Green school village
Partners: :P ospolitost pre harmonicky zivot (Slovakia), o.s. Konopa (Czech Republic)

Phase: realisation of the project
Sponsored by: European Comission Youth

Year: 2011

“Know-how to find a needle in a bundle of hay” is result of the partnership relations through the years between participating organizations.
The project is introducing participants the usage of natural materials like straw and clay as specific techniques from the traditional cultural and architectural heritage of all partner counties. Looking back in the past for common origins of these techniques as stimulating strategy for sharing knowledge, experience and colloboration and teamwork in innovative methods for revival of this valuable traditions. Introducing participants with advantages of using natural materials and finding common way as Europeans to sustainable future with aspect of ecological, social and iconomical awareness.
The location of this demonstration center is the mountain site, village called Izvor , Rhodopa Mountain- region with remarkable architectural heritage, close to Bulgarian cultural capital- Plovdiv.
The duration of the Youth exchange was 15 days including workshops and lectures from expert builders and architects from Slovakia and Chez Republic and Bulgaria. During the workshop were practiced few techniques for building in-fill straw bale walls and their finish coat with earth, lime and other plaster. Other techniques were presented as lectures and workshops as COB, Light Clay, “knitting”, also discussions thematical cultural exchange and musical events will take place.

Visit:Rahovitza, Kosovo village, arch.V.Valchanova

Thomas Busek – SLovakia


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