“I always have this feeling that follows me around …

… I am a kid … I am playing on these boulders in a meadow. The boulders are my cozzy kitchen. In the next moment another game comes around and they now turn into a spaceship. In awhile these boulders turn into something else. My imagination keeps changing the game and even the reality.

This feeling of warmth and passion moves me: when the simplest object could be seen and used as someting else. Warmth from the fact that you could appreciate a place and feel it ‘at home’ and passion, by the fact that you could recreate it.

Emerging opportunities, endless configurations, hidden potential and an ever-changing game (need, life).

The interaction among these is what I call architechture.

I believe that architecture is much more than construction of buildings. It is an attempt to create  future and better reality- where we are now, in many various ways. ”

I worked as  associate specialist in Centre for Archicectural Studies/ section of  Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Science.
I worked as architect in “Projects” LTD- arch.G.Stanishev, architectural studio, Sofia

I’m co-founder and partner in SHN studio, ltd and Association for building with natural materials. We work in cooperation with Green School Village, Beglika and other nongovernment organisations, individuals and artists.

We support various cultural and social initiatives related to environmental protection, preservation of our national heritage, and sustainable development.



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