Forum Asociation for building with natural materials, Beglika 2012 : Presentation “Building Biology”

Glen Oaks Canyon House, Los Angeles, 2012

Family house, Kostinbrod, 2012

Loft Conversion, London, 2012

“Know-how to find a niddle im a bundle of hay” – demonstrational strawbale house, Izvor village,2011

Association for building with natural materials, Bulgaria 2011

“MA” architectural magazine, Bulgaria 2011

Mikli Residence, France  2010

Kassis Residence, Lebanon  2010

Kassis House, Lebanon 2010

Boutique, Brussel  2010

Hristo Hristov memorial chapel, Pamporovo  2006-2011

Vasil Levski monument, Shumen 2007

Residential building, Sofia  2008

Single family house, Sofia 2008

Renovation of schools, square and public spaces, Belovo 2008

“Vuzrajdane  square”, Sofia  2007

Residential building, Sofia  2007


Extreme sport center, Govedartzi village 2006

Eco settlement “Seven Thombs”, Alino village  2005

“The kissing houses” -restoration, conservation, adaptation of cultural heritage 2005

“Sense of intanglibe” cultural route 2005

“Design for open spaces and parks”


“Magic garden”, 2011

Strawbale as building material – conception for legalizing natural building materials in Bulgaria 2010

Beglika free festival – furnishing/equipment for open spaces, 2009, 2010


“Transformatori association – Concordia center”
, Urban report
author: Iva Delova

“Sustainable building in Bulgaria”,  Bulgarian chamber of Commers and Industry infobussines bulletin 2010

author: Ward Miller and Iva Delova

“Sustainability”, MA magazine , Bulgarian Academy of Science  2011

author: Iva Delova

“Iporanga house”, MA magazine, Bulgarian Academy of Science 2011

author: Iva Delova

“Home to live – a seminar for environmentally friendly construction”, Sofia, 2011

“Strawbale as building material”

author: Iva Delova

Strawbale as building material, Beglika free festival 2010

author:  Nikolai Marinov and Iva Delova

Bulgarian National Radio :Radioentsiklopediya “Green architecture”: Architecture and natural environment, Architecture for human, Building materials, 2011
author: Veneta Gavrilova
participants: arch.N.Marinov, arch.I.Delova, arch.Ani Dobrinova, arch.L.Popov, arch.N.Galabov, prof.Radev, arch.Andrea Momerin, arch.G.Georgiev

Beglika free fest newsletter : 5 questions about natural building materials

“Home to live – a seminar for environmentally friendly construction”


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